It is imperative that each participant has insurance for the duration of the trip. It is against the law for us to recommend an insurance company for you to use but there are at least 3 points of insurance you need to consider:


1. Bike Insurance (recommended for all cyclists)

The increase in value of a bike has far out-paced the increase in the single item limit value on a standard travel insurance policy.  Whereas a standard single item limit might be £250, a bike can easily be 10 times that amount. We therefore recommend that your insurance policy states your make and model of your bike, along with its estimated value.


We will take all due precautions to look after your bike throughout the event. However, we will not accept any liability for damage or theft of bikes while in its care and so suitable insurance will need to be arranged by the cyclists.


You may also wish to take out your own personal liability cover to cover yourself against damaging other people’s property, legal advise etc. This is useful for your general cycling needs throughout the year and not necessarily just this ride.


2. Event Cancellation Insurance (recommended for all cyclists)

In our experience the main use of insurance is not whilst on an event for an accident, but prior to going on an event, using the cancellation element. If you can prove that your cancellation prior to arriving on an event was due to an insurable reason you will be able to claim back any monies paid to pie (subject to our terms and conditions). A small amount spent on your insurance can prevent you from losing a larger amount paid for an event you can’t attend. Sometimes this is covered under a standard holiday insurance policy.


3. Travel Insurance (MANDATORY for everybody on the ride)

It is essential and your responsibility to ensure this insurance provides adequate cover for the challenge you are participating in in the event of an accident, and that it will also provide repatriation.


If you have your own insurance policy already, please check it covers your challenge and provide us the details required on the Registration form. If you do not provide these details, Passion in Events reserves the right to refuse you participation on the event with no return of monies paid to us, due back to you.

If you are buying insurance, we cannot by law recommend an insurer to you. However, it is important that your insurer knows you are not in a race, as this is not a race; where in the world you are going; what you are doing while you are there; and importantly, about any pre-existing medical issues. If you do not declare a pre-existing medical issue (e.g. diabetes) and it occurs while you are away, you may not be covered for it.


We also recommend you take out an EHIC card (free) which will cover you for 3 years for emergency care you may need while travelling in Europe. Please note, an EHIC is not a replacement for insurance. It is a method of covering any medical fees you may incur while travelling in an EU country more cheaply. It will not cover repatriation, loss of baggage, cancellation, etc.”


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